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Sustainable growth through learning by doing.

What we do?

Our aim is to raise active, responsible and entrepreneurial young people who embrace a sustainable lifestyle. The different stages of children´s developement are considered in the varying activities focusing on a method called learning by doing.

4H values: Head, Hands, Heart and Health. 

4H is a chance for the youth to reach their full potential and find their strengths.

4H members can bring about everyday well being both to themselves and others.

Our history

4H was established in Finland in the 1920s. The inspiration came from the United States, where 4H began. In the beginning the focus was on agriculture, but over time 4H also lounched youth work in the cities. 4H activities suit all young people, no matter if they live in urban or rural areas.

Tervola 4H-association

Tervola 4H-association established year 1932 over 350 members aged 6 - 28 involved nowadays. Most of them 6 - 12 years old. Tervola 4H organize many activities mainly clubs for children.  We also organize

  • trainings, courses, events
  • competitions
  • camps
  • school partnership
  • work for youngsters